The following galleries will be regularly updated as new freelance and personal works are completed. All work is subject to copyright and license, and property of my clients. To see an overview of my career experience, please visit the Professional & Skills page.

Illustration-based projects:

“Forget, for a moment, about the art of ArtSkull. Ultimately, it is likely the most important thing, but if you are reading this letter of recommendation, then you probably know that there are as many would be artists in this world as there are would be writers and would be musicians and so on. What I like about ArtSkull is his professionalism, fair billing (a true rarity in the world of art and graphic design) and most of all his eagerness to please the client, not his own ego. Too many people I have dealt with are so concerned with the art that they are making that they forget that the client has something in mind as well. ArtSkull differs because, although he wants to make the best art possible, he wants to make sure the client has exactly want they want. Once you begin to work with him, you will find that he is intuitive as well. ArtSkull created my favorite piece for Diabolik DVD with no input from me whatsoever. He had an idea, he ran with it and just when I thought it was done – it was tweaked and improved for the better! Now, back to the feature presentation – the artwork. Like a blast from your Saturday afternoon movie matinees past, ArtSkull‘s work pops off the page with all of your favorite nightmares bathed in a surreal glow of eye-catching colors. Not to say that his artwork is limited to movie monsters and things that go bump in the night, but for my purposes, it does. Cool, retro, creepy… that’s what I need and that is what ArtSkull has delivered to me in spades time and time again always with the promptness and professionalism that keeps me coming back for more and recommending him to all that will listen.”

— Jesse Nelson, co-owner, DiabolikDVD

Photography-based projects:

“I’m very HAPPY with the art work. I think your designs look and feel what we are about and our movies. You hit the nail with everything.”

— Ryan Cavalline, director-writer-producter, Legend Hunters Films / 4th Floor Pictures

Promo projects (packaging, advertisements & similar):

“There are not enough kind words or hours in the day to describe our sincere gratitude to ArtSkull. We searched for a graphic artist at the inception of MoviedromeDVD as we needed a logo that would perfectly match our Cult Film concept. We were presented with pathetic and downright laughable generic designs leaving us disappointed and frustrated more than once… and then we found ArtSkull! [Insert skies opening up and a choir of angels with tattoos singing here]. This is one man who knows his stuff. Within a day we had our first options, within a week we had begun to narrow it down and then we threw more ideas at him… this did not faze him a bit. He took our ideas and worked them into the mix without missing a step! Shortly we had a logo better than we had imagined it! Since the completion of this initial logo we have worked happily with ArtSkull on the banner and favicon for our website. Again he provided outstanding ideas, constant communication, and a simply astounding finished product that still makes us smile when we see it! ArtSkull is the whole package… professionalism, patience (always needed with the two of us), humour, knowledge, attention to detail and most importantly stunning talent and creativity. ArtSkull provides the perfect balance between our ideas and his interpretation of them — leading to a working relationship that is nothing short of brilliant. There is one thing that he wrote to us time and time again: “I want you to be 110% satisfied.” This percentage not only encompasses his work ethic but also helps describe our level of happiness at having found ArtSkull. We can say without hesitation that we are completely delighted with the work and we can (and do) recommend him to anyone who might be able to use his talents. Thank you ArtSkull!”

— Aled & Jess, owners, MoviedromeDVD

Logo projects:

“ArtSkull has consistently provided me with outstanding service. After hiring him for a small job, I soon began to rely on him for all of my web graphics and graphic design projects. He’s got a flair for anything dark, sci-fi, horror, or just plain fun and different. Without him my site would not be what it is; a great-looking and fun place to go. Because ArtSkull is so instinctually aware of what I want, I trust him to come up with design ideas on his own for my projects. After working with him for so long, he’s been able to discern my personal tastes and to visually create original images based on his observations. And I have never been disappointed with anything he’s ever created for me.”
— Heidi Honeycutt, creator,,,