AI Generated Artwork

I saw in the news recently how an artist had used AI generated artwork to win a local art contest. So, I decided to look into AI generated art. WOW! Mind blown! I tested two different applications – 1. Dall-E and 2. Midjourney. There are other applications available; Canva even has a text to art…

Sid Haig

Blast from the past… The late, great Sid Haig (“Spider Baby”, “House of 1,000 Corpses”) and myself at MonsterMania in 2004. Have I mentioned I am a lifelong horror, science fiction and fantasy film fan?

After Effects

I have studied animation and created many Photoshop GIFs over the years. And I’m currently teaching myself Adobe After Effects. The “DT Snow 7088” video above is one my first test projects in After Effects. The “DiabolikDVD commerical test2” shown below is one of my first attempts at doing motion video using iMovie many moons…

Bill Moseley

Bill Moseley, Chop Top in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” and Otis in “The Devil’s Rejects”, presenting “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” at Exhumed Films back in 2013. Proud to see him holding up an ArtSkull design t-shirt!

Covid Continues

After 3 months of working from home, I’m back in the office. I’m grateful everyday to still have a full-time job.

Covid Update

The corona-coaster continues… Went from unemployed, to filing for unemployment, to getting called back to work… All in the space of a weekend… So, taking this time to look to the past and the future… Picking up Corel Painter and brushing up on some past inking skills in the digital realm. Baby steps…