graphic design & illustration

Featured Image: Exhumed Films promotional t-shirt graphic. First printing SOLD OUT at Exhumed's 2010 24 hour Halloween show.

Exhumed Films

Samples of illustration-based projects:
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DecomposedGraveyard Picture ShowOMG EntertainmentWeird NJRobomonkey ProductionsThe Asylum Haunted AttractionSick-End HorrorCalabrese

Samples of photography-based projects:
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The Great American Serial KillerJacob horror movieDiabolik DVDStockholm SyndromeRotting SoulsDead Body Man ChroniclesHouse of CarnageSlaughter Rule

Samples of promo projects (cd packaging, dvd inserts, advertisements & similar):
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Web of DarknessElectric Frankenstein / ValdezCamp BloodGhostribe Skateboard's SkalperDiabolikDVDTSOLBirdfleshLambination 4

Samples of logo projects:
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Planet FuryMoviedromeDVDSkull TechSteampunk: RetrofutureMyzery FilmsGhostribe SkateboardsPenny Blood MagazineDiabolikDVD


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