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Hire Art Skull Information and Project Price Quotes

I have many years of experience in graphic design, including advertising specialties, T-shirts, banner ads, book covers, flyers, business cards and much more. If you have a project that requires illustration or graphic design, then send me an email with detailed information and I'll send you a price quote. My rates are reasonable and there is no charge for a quote except the time it takes you to send me an email. Remember, you never know about anything unless you ask.

Once you have decided to hire me for graphic work, we will work out a written agreement on size of artwork, media to be used for artwork, copyright agreements, date required, payment involved and all other details. A signed written agreement is required for all illustration and design work. Remember, agreements keep people friends.

Then, based on information provided by you, I will draw a rough sketch of the design(s) you've requested. A small deposit is necessary to begin work.

I will email the sample design(s) to you for approval.

After you approve the rough design(s), I will do the finished art.

After final payment is made, I'll email a low res image (72 dpi) of the finished art for you to view and mail you a high res (300 dpi) image on CD and original art.

NOTE: For all illustration and graphic design orders, payment in full is due in advance. For faster service Paypal is preferred form of payment. Please allow 2 weeks for electronic checks to clear before work begins. Payment can also be made in the form of a cashiers check or money order. NOTE: NO personal checks accepted.

Client List & Projects:

4th Floor Pictures - Dagus Mines, PA
• Designed promotional flyer for “The Killing Fields”. - 2008
• Designed DVD sleeve for “Dead Body Man Chronicles”. - 2008
• Designed promotional flyer for “Stockholm Syndrome”. - 2007
• Designed promotional flyer for “Dead Body Man Chronicles”. - 2006
• Designed promotional flyer for “Rotting Souls”. - 2006
• Logo design for SRS Underground, the 4th Floor Pictures division of SRS, LLC . - 2005
• Designed promotional flyer for “House of Carnage”. - 2005
• Illustrated & designed flyer for “Dead Body Man 2: Separation Anxiety”. - 2005
• Designed presentation dvd cover insert for "Day of the Ax". - 2004
• Redesigned company logo and designed t-shirt graphic. - 2004

“I'm very HAPPY with the art work. I think the logos look and feel what we are about and our movies. The t-shirt design KICKS ASS! You hit the nail with everything.”
— Ryan Cavalline, director-writer-producter, 4th Floor Pictures

Accidental Films - Los Angeles, CA
• "So, You've Downloaded A Demon" package design / dvd inlay sheet. - 2005

Aggressivewear - Minneapolis, MN
• Assorted t-shirt graphics - 2006
• Company logo and various t-shirt graphics. - 2005

B-C Racing - Tampa, FL
• Designed & illustrated automotive race team logo. - 2006
• Designed flat track motorcycle race team logo. - 2003

Black Forest Comics - Los Angeles, CA
• “Evil Just Got Creative” full color advertisement for Black Forest graphic novels as seen in Scarlet Street magazine (#54) - 2005

Black Hole Collectibles - Campbell, MO
• Designed store logo. - 2004, internet published
• Designed & illustrated promotional advertisement. - 2004

“Highly professional, extremely affordable ,outstanding quality, top-knotch art...Artskull f**kin kills!!”
— Ryan Proffer, owner, Black Hole Collectibles

Carfax Abbey - Philadelphia, PA
• Contest winning promotional postcard design. - 2004

DiabolikDVD, LLC - Collingswood, NJ
• Designed business logo in death metal style. - 2010
• Designed various promotional web banners. - 2009
• Designed and rendered 3D promotional postcard. - 2007
• Designed and rendered 3D promotional postcard. - 2006
• Designed 1/4 black & white advertisement as seen in PRICK magazine (#1). - 2006
• Designed full page black & white advertisement as seen in Erie, PA magazine (#1). - 2005
• Designed full color belt buckle. - 2005
• Designed full color advertisement as seen in Punk Rock Confidential magazine (#4) - 2005
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Scarlet Street magazine (#54) - 2005
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Penny Blood magazine (#4) - 2005
• Designed full color advertisement as seen in Rue Morgue magazine (#52). - 2005
• Designed 4 color postcard promotional mailing. - 2005
• Illustrated & designed website “evil eye” graphic. - 2005
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Shock Cinema magazine (#28). - 2005
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Juxtapoz magazine (#53). - 2004
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Giant Robot magazine (#33). - 2004
• Designed 4 color promotional bookmark. - 2004
• Designed 4 color advertisement as seen in Rue Morgue magazine (#39). - 2004
• Designed black & white advertisement as seen in Shock Cinema magazine (#24). - 2004
• Illustrated & designed website graphics. - 2003, internet published
• Illustrated & designed t-shirt graphic. - 2003, published
• Designed 4 color postcard promotional mailing. - 2003
• Designed advertisement as seen in 2003 Fant-Asia film festival program. - 2003
• Illustrated & designed postcard promotional mailing. - 2002

“Forget, for a moment, about the art of Artskull. Ultimately, it is likely the most important thing, but if you are reading this letter of recommendation, then you probably know that there are as many would be artists in this world as there are would be writers and would be musicians and so on. What I like about Artskull is his professionalism, fair billing (a true rarity in the world of art and graphic design) and most of all his eagerness to please the client, not his own ego. Too many people I have dealt with are so concerned with the art that they are making that they forget that the client has something in mind as well. Artskull differs because, although he wants to make the best art possible, he wants to make sure the client has exactly want they want. Once you begin to work with him, you will find that he is intuitive as well. Artskull created my favorite piece for Diabolik DVD with no input from me whatsoever. He had an idea, he ran with it and just when I thought it was done - it was tweaked and improved for the better! Now, back to the feature presentation - the artwork. Like a blast from your Saturday afternoon movie matinees past, Artskull‘s work pops off the page with all of your favorite nightmares bathed in a surreal glow of eye-catching colors. Not to say that his artwork is limited to movie monsters and things that go bump in the night, but for my purposes, it does. Cool, retro, creepy... that's what I need and that is what Artskull has delivered to me in spades time and time again always with the promptness and professionalism that keeps me coming back for more and recommending him to all that will listen.”
— Jesse Nelson, co-owner, DiabolikDVD

Dead Lamb Records - Eagan, MN
• Designed & illustrated CD cover for "Lambination 4: Worldwide Punk Compilation". - 2013

Decomposed Productions - Westmeath, Ireland
• Designed business logo. - 2008
• Designed & illustrated presentation dvd cover insert for "Decomposed". - 2004

Electric Frankenstein - Boonton, NJ
• Designed concert promotional flyer. - 2002

Enigma Films - Tampa, FL
• Designed DVD sleave for "The Web Of Darkness". - 2009

Evil Ever After - Van Nuys, CA
• Illustrated & designed DVD cover & promotional poster for “Evil Ever After”. - 2006

Exhumed Films - Philadelphia, PA
• Designed & illustrated 10th anniversary Halloween 24hour marathon show flyer. - 2007
• Designed t-shirt graphic. - 2006
• Designed website and logo. - 2005

Family of Shame - Philadelphia, PA
• Illustrated logo design for artists collective website. - 2004 - Los Angeles, CA
• Illustrated logo design and website backgrounds. - 2010

“Art Skull has consistently provided me with outstanding service. After hiring him for a small job, I soon began to rely on him for all of my web graphics and graphic design projects. He's got a flair for anything dark, scifi, horror, or just plain fun and different. Without him my site would not be what it is; a great-looking and fun place to go. Because Art Skull is so instinctually aware of what I want, I trust him to come up with design ideas on his own for my projects. After working with him for so long, he's been able to discern my personal tastes and to visually create original images based on his obeservations. And I have never been disappointed with anything he's ever created for me.”
— Heidi Martinuzzi, owner,

Fatal Sushi Productions - Atlanta, GA
• Designed and illustrated one-sheet movie poster for “Come Get Some More!”. - 2004, published

“I'm always open to others ideas, glad to see you are too. We're likely to get along just fine for some time. Again, thanks for your hard work.”
— Steven Grainger, director, “Come Get Some More!”

Fighting Maxine - Van Nuys, CA
• Designed & illustrated band logo . - 2006, published

Heidi's Horror Post - Los Angeles, CA
• Designed & illustrated website 'splash page/enter' graphic. - 2004

Hellenback - Washington D.C.
• Designed & illustrated t-shirt graphic. - 2006

House of Mysterious Secrets - Philadelphia, PA
• Designed series of full color print ads as seen in Rue Morgue magazine (#65)
and HorrorHound magazine (#6). - 2007
• Designed print advertisement as seen in Rue Morgue magazine (#57). - 2006
• Designed & illustrated website page identifiers. - 2005, published - Manchester, NH
• Designed website logo. - 2004

“THIS GUY IS AWESOME! ORIGINAL KICK ASS ART IN A STYLE THAT I LOVE AND FEEL "AT HOME" WITH... You made this aging punk very happy. HIRE ARTSKULL! Total pro attitude and ethic. F#@kin killer man...”
— Dan Roberge, owner,

Mickey's Toys & Collectibles - Chicago, IL
• Spot illustrations for movie memorabilia catalog. - 1998

Mondo Movie - London, England
• Designed logo. - 2006

MoviedromeDVD - London, England
• Designed business logo & various website graphics. - 2010

“There are not enough kind words or hours in the day to describe our sincere gratitude to ArtSkull. We searched for a graphic artist at the inception of MoviedromeDVD as we needed a logo that would perfectly match our Cult Film concept. We were presented with pathetic and downright laughable generic designs leaving us disappointed and frustrated more than once… and then we found ArtSkull! [Insert skies opening up and a choir of angels with tattoos singing here]. This is one man who knows his stuff. Within a day we had our first options, within a week we had begun to narrow it down and then we threw more ideas at him… this did not faze him a bit. He took our ideas and worked them into the mix without missing a step! Shortly we had a logo better than we had imagined it! Since the completion of this initial logo we have worked happily with ArtSkull on the banner and favicon for our website. Again he provided outstanding ideas, constant communication, and a simply astounding finished product that still makes us smile when we see it! ArtSkull is the whole package… professionalism, patience (always needed with the two of us), humour, knowledge, attention to detail and most importantly stunning talent and creativity. ArtSkull provides the perfect balance between our ideas and his interpretation of them -- leading to a working relationship that is nothing short of brilliant. There is one thing that he wrote to us time and time again: “I want you to be 110% satisfied.” This percentage not only encompasses his work ethic but also helps describe our level of happiness at having found ArtSkull. We can say without hesitation that we are completely delighted with the work and we can (and do) recommend him to anyone who might be able to use his talents. Thank you ArtSkull!”
— Aled & Jess, owners, MoviedromeDVD

Myzery Films - Dagus Mines, PA
• Designed business logo and promotional graphics. - 2009

OMG Entertainment - Stadskanaal, Netherlands
• Designed & illustrated business logo and promotional graphics. - 2008

Penny Blood Magazine - New York, NY
• Designed magazine header logo (beginning with issue #4). - 2005

Planet Fury - Los Angeles, CA
• Designed & illustrated logo & website splash page graphic. - 2012

Pirates Picks - Philadelphia, PA
• Designed & illustrated website 'splash page/enter' graphic. - 2003 - Los Angeles, CA
• Designed poster for “Wretched”, a Pretty-Scary film. - 2007
• Design web banners & buttons on continuing basis. - 2004-present
• Designed logo
. - 2004

Rabies Magazine - Philadelphia, PA
• Illustrated & designed magazine front cover. - 2004

Raw Footage - Dagus Mines, PA
• Designed film company logo & various promotional pieces. - 2010

Razorback Records - Farmingville, NY
• Illustrated cover artwork for Birdflesh CD "Alive Autopsy / Trip To The Grave". - 2004

“Fast and friendly service.”
— Billy Nocera, president, Razorback Records

Robomonkey Productions - Champlain, NY
• Illustrated & designed DVD cover & promotional poster for “Graveyard Picture Show”. - 2006
• Illustrated & designed promotional poster & logo. - 2005

Romalotti, Charles - Austin, Texas
• Illustrated cover artwork for "Hangman's Hill" - 2010

Sick-End Horror - Montebello, CA
• Designed & illustrated promotional artwork and business card. - 2006

Skull Tech - Metuchen, NJ
• Designed & illustrated business image. - 2004

“For someone who takes his amazing talent of digital art simply as a hobby, ArtSkull sits in front of his screen with no effort as he creates what we'd consider priceless. Our creations which we make in our head, and are unable to send to the paper, ArtSkull simply listens. As you speak your mind of the vision, it becomes visible. I'd have to say personally, I was amazed of how my image came out. I would have expected at least one little thing I didn't like, but it's for a lack of a better word, perfect.”
— Michael O., owner, Skull Tech

Trollenberg Video & Collectibles - Milwaukee, WI
• Designed logo and black & white advertisement as seen in Toy Shop magazine (#292). - 2002

Valdez - Bristol, England
• Illustrated & designed Valdez "Exception Becomes the Rule" CD cover. - 2005
• Illustrated & designed 7" split single Valdez & Electric Frankenstein album cover. - 2005

Weird NJ Magazine - Bloomfield, NJ
• Designed & illustrated Jersey Devil t-shirt graphic as seen in Weird NJ magazine (#22). - 2004


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